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Ayu Me!

An Ayumi Hamasaki Download/Discussion Community

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you've found AYU ME, a community dedicated to the discussion and enjoyment of the inimitable and amazing Ayumi Hamasaki, "the empress of j-pop." this is a closed community, and in order to remain a member you must contribute to comments and discussions. no stringent requirement, but if you don't comment once in a month or so you WILL be banned. i will be posting individual songs, videos, concert performances, or picspams for download and discussion. current format includes a small personal review from me. a new song is featured every Saturday.

in the future, if interest proves great enough, i may open up posting access to allow for reviewers to contribute formal (or informal - all in fun!) reviews of ayumi's work. but for now, it's just free reign on download and discussion!

ayumi fans, UNITE!

-- your moderator, vee