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Welcome to AYU ME!

Warmest Salutations!

Welcome to AYU ME, a new, bold concept in media-sharing communities, dedicated to the powerful and breathtaking Ayumi Hamasaki.

First, a little bit about why I created this community.

I've been a fan of Ayumi's for a few years, ever since I first heard "Trust" via a friend of mine. I was only a casual fan until 2006, though she was always one of my "favorite artists." Now I am dedicated to sharing how much this woman has inspired me, by her example in life, her creative fortitude, her dominating performance quality, and her sheer talent. Knowing her music alone is not enough to know Ayumi, and I've found her to be one of those artists who inspires discussion. Maybe listening to 'Rainbow' helped you through a rough patch. Maybe you learned the entire dance to 'Real me'. Maybe her performance of 'Memorial Address' made YOU cry. Maybe you cosplayed her, or maybe you WANT to. Whatever the reason, whatever the contribution, big or small, your comments, whether they be questions, points of interest, or simply observations about Ayumi and the work being showcased in each post, are welcome here! We are an open-minded, high-spirited, and close-knit group, and to join will probably be to be brought into our fold.

But the founding members of this community are not all hardcore Ayumi fans like myself! I started posting tons of YouTube videos and song downloads on my personal journal, and little by little my friends would begin to tell me things like "now I'm listening to Ayumi" or "I'd never listened to any J-Pop before, but I love Ayumi!" This made me feel great, because I knew I wasn't alone in how inspiring her music can be. I've created this community not as a download-spree, but as a place for discovering the range of her body of work, and her constant...well...evolution!

You must request membership on the Community Info page to join. There are only a few rules:


1. Say something! :) Even a comment or two every month will be appreciated, but if I notice you're a member who never posts or contributes to discussion, then I'm sorry, you're just leeching my bandwidth. Even a comment like "I love the lyrics of this song!" or "Anyone have any idea why there's so much milk in this video?" is fine. Just don't be a leech! D:

2. BE NICE! HAVE FUN! RESPECT EACH OTHER! Don't be afraid to have fun or to discuss serious topics, but always do so with discretion.

3. Please support Ayumi by purchasing her work. Believe it or not, if you look at places OTHER than Amazon, the import prices aren't as ridiculous as you might think! Although resellers are tempting...

That said, please enjoy the community, and don't forget to be BOLD AND DELICIOUS!

--your moderator, Vee! ~♥~

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